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Green foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental sustainability and works to promote a healthier, more sustainable world for all

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Water management

asia, boys, cambodia-1793406.jpgOverall, effective water management is critical for promoting sustainable development, ensuring equitable access to water resources, and addressing the challenges of water scarcity and pollution


Rain Water Harvesting

dewdrops, drops, droplets-2432391.jpgRainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater that falls on rooftops, paved surfaces, and other areas, for later use. The collected rainwater can be used for a range of non-potable purposes, such as irrigation, flushing toilets, and washing clothes, reducing the demand on municipal water supplies and conserving water resources.


Herbal garden

chives, bloom, purple-798538.jpgOverall, an herbal garden is a versatile and rewarding project that can provide a range of benefits, from improved health and wellness to a beautiful and sustainable addition to your home or community.


Organic Farming

grapes, vines, grapevine-2715711.jpgOrganic farming is a method of agricultural production that emphasizes the use of natural and sustainable practices to grow crops and raise animals. Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and instead focuses on natural processes to maintain soil health and control pests and diseases.


Sparrow Preservation

animal, bird, close-up-1836644.jpgSparrow preservation is crucial for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and conserving the biodiversity of avian populations. Protecting their natural habitat, reducing the use of pesticides, adopting sustainable practices, and conducting research can help to ensure the survival of sparrows.


AYUSH Promotion

sage, herbs, culinary herbs-1544883.jpgAYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. It is a system of traditional medicine that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The AYUSH system of medicine is recognized by the government of India and is regulated by the Ministry of AYUSH.


Wasteland Management

drought, aridity, dry-780088.jpgEffective wasteland management is essential for restoring the ecological balance and promoting sustainability. It involves a combination of measures such as soil conservation, afforestation, water conservation, livestock management, and sustainable agriculture practices. Proper planning and implementation of these measures can help to transform barren lands into productive and sustainable ecosystems.

Karuvela Maram (Acacia Nilotica) Eradication

tree, acacia nilotica, babool-266572.jpgEradicating Acacia nilotica requires careful planning and implementation to minimize its impact on the environment. Chemical, mechanical, biological, and integrated control methods can be effective in controlling the spread of the tree. The choice of method depends on the extent of infestation, the nature of the ecosystem, and the available resources.


Sports Development

basketball, playing, silhouette-108622.jpgSports development among students is important for their overall growth and development. Schools should provide opportunities for students to participate in sports activities, develop their skills, promote teamwork, ensure safety, reward achievement, and foster healthy habits. By doing so, they can help students develop a lifelong love for sports and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Scientific Tours

background, abstract, line-2462434.jpgScientific tours for students are a great way to enhance their learning experience and provide them with new opportunities to explore the world. They can enhance learning, expose students to new cultures, develop life and social skills, make learning fun, and foster independence

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A Few Words About Us

The primary mission of a green foundation is to raise awareness about environmental issues, advocate for policies that promote sustainability, and provide support for initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. This can include activities such as educating the public about the importance of reducing carbon emissions, protecting wildlife habitats, and conserving natural resources.

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Green foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental sustainability and works to promote a healthier, more sustainable world for all