Importance of Lakes

  • Lakes are very important to life system
  • They help to regulate the flow of water
  • During heavy rainfall they prevent flooding.
  • During the dry season they maintain an even flow of water
  • Lakes are a valuable natural common source of water
  • They moderate the climate of the nation.
  • They help us to maintain the aquatic ecosystem.
  • They also enhance natural beauty
  • They help in develop tourism and travel industry
  • They provide recreation through park,boating and swimming

Green Foundation Proposes a mechanism to upgrade lakes thorough following steps.

Step 1. (Present state of a dying lake)

Step 2. Improve the depth of the lake 

Removal of unwanted bushes and plants.

Step 3. Clearing the inlet water passage to lake.

Step 4. Re construction of Lake under improvement. (Expected Result.)