Importance of Sparrow in our Life:

Maintaining the ecological balance:  Sparrow is a very important member of various urban and natural food chains and food webs. It feeds on grains like rice, wheat, cumbu etc. and also on larva of mosquitoes, dragon fly etc.

Plant pollination:  Pollination is the process of pollen transfer to the female flower as a part of sexual reproduction. Sparrow visit many flowers in a day food. At the time of visit they carry pollen and dropped in the female flower that leads to fertilisation of the flower. In such a sparrow is very important for pollination.

Natural Pest Control: It also feeds on larva of mosquitoes which breeds in the water stagnated in the in accessible area of house. The sparrows go in search of larva and feeds on them. This mechanism is a natural pest control process in which human being also favoured without any expenses.

Brings prosperity:  Sparrows bring prosperity for us, We like to watch this small and lovable bird. Our children always want to observe this bird and always sing songs related to this bird to entertain themselves. 

Here are five things you can do to save sparrows:

-The easiest thing one can do is to put bird feeders outside your house.
-Also, it has been observed that many people put water bowls during summer season outside their ouses for birds to re-hydrate.
-Grow more plants as this may encourage some birds, who are common to that habitat, to come back.
-Talk to people living around your society to create awareness about sparrows.
-Discourage the use of excessive insecticides and pesticides in gardens.

Green Foundation contributes to House Sparrow conservation by educating next generation to preserve the golden bird Sparrow.

We propose to supply Sparrow Nesting boxes to schools and villages for conservation of the bird to increase the population.